Team Members

Leadership & Visionaries

it consulting firms owner
MD Shawkat Akbar
it consulting firms ceo
MD Khaled Rabbi
CEO & Founder
Head of operation
Mohammad Abrar Hossan
Head Of Operations
(ID: CM-2420002)
Digital Wizards

SEO Expert
MD Adnan Maharuf
Digital Marketing & SEO Expert
(ID: DM-2420103)
digital marketing expert
Shayantan Biswas
Digital Marketing Expert
(ID: DM- 2420104)
graphics designer
Tanvin Tabassum
Digital Marketing Specialist & Graphic Designer (ID: DM- 2420105)
digital marketer
Abu Zahid Md Mohaimeen
Client Hunting & Digital marketing Expert (ID: CH-2420201)
client hunting expert
Tanzila Shaira Chowdhury
Client Hunting & Digital Marketing Expert (ID: CH-2420202)
client hunting & digital marketer
Ariful Hasan
Client Hunting & Digital Marketing Expert
(ID: CH-2420203)
web developer
Tasmia Abedin
Web Designer & Developer
(ID: WD-2420301)